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Blended Learning

Phaedrus Blended Learning is a classroom instruction model that blends:

  1. Direct Instruction From a Teacher
  2. Collaborative Learning Among Students
  3. Individualized Learning on Computers or Laptops

The blended learning program collects information about student work on the computers and produces data or reports for teachers. These reports let teachers see, immediately, how much the students understand about the lesson. The goal is to allow teachers to differentiate their instruction to meet the individual needs and pace of each student. Students who master a lesson or concept advance at their own pace through lessons and materials on that topic. Teachers can direct their instruction to a group of students who share a level of understanding that allows the teacher to explain a lesson to that group in a way that maximizes their grasp of the material.

Each day and for each core subject, the classroom teacher divides and separates the class into two or three working groups. At the beginning of the year, students will take an assessment test (a NWEA test) to determine their initial level in each subject. Generally, the groups are divided based on the students’ mastery of a teaching standard (such as adding fractions, using adjectives, identifying the subject in a sentence, or learning states and capitols).

The teacher begins a subject like math with one group of students, working through the lesson. While one group is working with the teacher, a second group works together on a collaborative learning project and the third group works individually on a computer within their electronic profile on an assignment. All students receive the lesson on the same grade level standard in rotation. All students cycle through direct instruction in each subject with their teachers.

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