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Staff & Faculty


Father Nabor Rios

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Father Justin Oh
Associate Pastor


Mrs. Claudia Chavez
Transitional Kindergarten

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Ms. Marcela Rosas
Transitional Kindergarten Aide

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Mrs. Diana Pina

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Ms. Raquel Perez
1st Grade

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Mrs. Monalisa Gonzales
2nd Grade

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Mrs. Mayra Larios
3rd Grade

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Mrs. Ruth Villaneda
4th Grade

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Ms. Geraldin Ponce
5th Grade & Vice Principal

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Mrs. Peggy Weber                           

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Mr. Joe Sera
6th Grade – Science & Math

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Mrs. Mrs. Norma Ceballos
7th Grade – English Language Arts

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Mrs. Ana Diaz
8th Grade – Religion & Social Studies

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Mrs. Amber Viramontes
Classroom Aide & Daycare

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Mrs. Bert Triggs
Physical Education

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Ms. Jan McKinnon
Office Manager

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Ms. Debbie Andorka
Counseling Partners of Los Angeles

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Ms. Luisa Trigueros
Counseling Partners of Los Angeles

Mrs. Cota
School Secretary

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Mr. Martin Soria

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